Hello Teachers and Future Teachers!

I have been teaching for 10 years.  In 2006 I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education, in 2009 I graduated with a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership, and in 2015 and Master of Fine Arts in Media Design.   I would like to share with you my teaching experience:

2018-2019      5th Grade Math & Science Teacher (Public School) Katy, TX

2017-2018      5th Grade Math & Science Teacher (Public School) Katy, TX

2016-2017      5th Grade ELA Teacher (Public School)- Houma, LA

2015-2016      Home Child Care Preschool Teacher (@ Home)- Houma, LA

2014-2015      4th Grade Teacher (Public School)- Houma, LA

2013-2014      2nd Grade Teacher/ 4th Grade Teacher (Public School)-Houma, LA

2012-2013      2nd Grade Teacher (Public Charter School)- Tulsa, Oklahoma

2011-2012      4th Grade Teacher (Public School)- Tulsa, Oklahoma

2010-2011      2nd Grade/ 4th Teacher (Public Charter/ Private School)- Tulsa, Oklahoma

2008-2010     Break from teaching to pursue Master’s Degree in Education Administration

2007-2008     5th Grade Teacher (Public School)- Kentwood, Michigan

2006-2007     5th Grade Teacher (Public Charter School)-Grand Rapids, Michigan

2005-2006      3rd Grade/5th Grade Student Teacher(Private/Public)- Tulsa, Oklahoma

As I completed my 10th year of teaching, I realized that I have learned so much throughout my teaching experience. I have used resources coupled with my creativity, to organize myself in my classroom.  I think to myself… life would have been easier 10 years ago if I knew then what I know now.

She’s Teacher Mom will expose you to the resources and materials that I have stumbled upon over the years, with hopes that it will empower you and inspire you to become the best teacher that you can be! Enjoy!

I created an area for Teachers filled with FREE resources. This area is called “Teacher Freebies.” Please take a look around and help yourself to FREE downloads of amazing resources that have helped me along the way!