Gervase Owens is the blogger who created She’s Teacher Mom, and the author of Seeing the Unseen: Visions Built on Dreams. Gervase has taught in public schools, private schools, public charter schools, and has operated her own at home child care business and commercial blended learning school. For over 12 years, she has traveled around the United States and to Mexico with volunteer-driven groups sharing her faith, love for outreach, and passion for helping people in need.

Gervase is an Education guru who was inspired to write her first blog post in 2013 and shortly after wrote her first book in 2015.  She holds a Bachelor of  Science Degree in Elementary Education, a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership, and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Media Design.  Over the years, her blog has changed and evolved. After giving birth to her first two children, Gervase refocused her blog to reach two groups of people at the same time: Teachers, and Mothers.

Gervase has experience forming and leading a non-profit organization, running home-based businesses, coaching entrepreneurs, event planning, small business start-ups, publishing books, classroom teaching, and being a full-time mom. Her desire is to share life lessons connected to teaching and motherhood, and share tips with her readers.

When she’s not blogging or running the business, Gervase enjoys spending time her three children, family, and friends.


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