DIY 2×4 Desk


Building a 2×4 Desk DIY Style

This summer I faced a huge challenge. I had absolutely no work space to make t-shirts or complete basic tasks for the businesses that I run.  I felt like the kitchen table should be off-limits and that I needed to think creatively to create a usable workspace. In my current home, I do not have a dedicated office.  This is where my need to have a workspace became challenging.  I chose an area in my home and decided to build myself a desk out of 2×4’s.   Once I had the big idea to build my own desk, I began researching to learn because I had absolutely no experience building anything made of wood.

I search Pinterest for ideas and immediately found a great resource that provided step by step instructions on how to DIY a desk out of 2×4’s. The Pinterest site that I found was managed by More Like Home.  I included a screen shot to show what it looked like when I found the Pinterest site.



When I clicked the More Like Home link, I found instructions that had a combination of wonderful images and step by step instructions. Something else that I loved about this website was it provided an organized list of the supplies that would be needed for this project. (Click HERE to get the  step by step instructions from I printed off the instructions and went to LOWES to purchase my materials. 

My 2×4’s and Supply List at LOWES


The “Wood Cutting Area” at LOWES. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

It was very helpful walking into LOWES with my materials list a cut list for the person who cut the wood for me. He was able to go through the list and make sure each cut was the right length. I must say my heart was beating fast at this point because the reality was sinking in that I was going to build my own desk out of 2×4’s!  To view the list of supplies needed and the cut list click the link below.

I borrowed a drill with drill bits from my brother-in-law because I did not own one. In my opinion it is much easier to build a 2×4 desk when you drill the holes for the wood screws using drill bits prior to using the wood screws to attach the pieces of wood to each other.

I also used gorilla wood glue to attach wood parts together prior to drilling the wood screws in.  See the picture below of how I used gorilla wood glue on the side supports of the desk that I built. In this picture the glue was not dry yet. 

I used Gorilla wood glue to attach the pieces before using screws.

I followed the step by step instructions provided on Like Home Net. I found myself reading and re-reading the instructions while building. I had an overwhelming desire to get everything “right” and make no mistakes on this project. Take your time and carefully review the instructions. With the pictures and instructions you will do great.


Putting the Pieces Together

I would like to show you how I attached my two desk supports to the longer 2×4’s to generate the frame for my desk. This part required a second set of “hands” to attach, glue and drill the frame together. I asked a friend to hold the 2×4’s for this part because I did not have any carpentry equipment to support my building project.

Before I added the supports to the desk

After I attached the 2×4’s to create the frame


As I continued to build I stopped to sweep up the saw dust that came from drilling the holes using the drill bit. For my comfort I used 2 wood screws every time I connected 2×4’s together. I just wanted to ensure that my desk was solid and sturdy. 


This is my desk before I added wood screws to the top 2x4s


Finishing Touches

The final product and appearance meant a lot to me, because I knew I would be looking at this piece of furniture for many years. For that reason I chose to use antiquing wax by Valspar to color the top a dark brown color. I then used white semi-gloss paint on the remain portion of the desk frame to give it a nice end look. 


The results after using Valspar Antiquing Wax


Here is information on the Vaslpar antiquing wax that I elected to use for this project.



Almost Done

I began to get “warm fuzzies” at this point in the project because I was getting closer and closer to finishing. I know you are probably wondering what I have underneath the desk.  A long time ago, when you purchased a “Bed in a Bag” set, a “bed skirt” came with it. This happens to be an old “bed skirt” that I did not want anymore.  


The look after my first coat of white semi-gloss paint.


It is Finished: Isn’t She Lovely?

I finished painting and could not wait for the opportunity to accessorize the desk and get it “She’ Teacher Mom” ready! I added desk accessories by visiting Bed Bath and Beyond.  At Bed Bath and Beyond they have some very cute clear bathroom organizers. Who say’s a bathroom organizer can’t be used for organizing your desk? I absolutely love the clear look. I feel like it does not take the attention away from how cute the desk is. 


My desk after I set things up.


Front View of my Desk


Beautiful Bed Bath and Beyond Accessories


Do you like the organizers that I purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond? Visit them online to shop around!



Changes I Made

There was a big change that I made to the original instructions for the desk. I actually decided to make my desk taller so that I would have the option to stand up and work or sit down and work. I changed the four main 2×4’s used to determine the height of the table from 30″ tall to 37″ tall.  


The changes I made to the plans.


I am sure you are wondering where I got the chair to match my desk from right? Well, you know She’s Teacher Mom decided to build that too! I used More Like Home to build that too! I will create a blog post soon to tell you all about it! As you can see I got addicted to building things this summer after I successfully created my very own desk. I went on to create 3 other things out of 2×4’s and I can’t wait to share them with you.


Total Investment

Drum roll please…… My total investment for this project was $40USD. This included 2×4’s, wood glue, wood screws, and paint from the “oops” section at LOWES. If you have any questions please reach out to me! 



She’s Teacher Mom