Prime Now

Earlier this year a family member told me about Amazon’s service “Prime Now.”  His exact words to me were “I don’t even shop outside of my home anymore!” This caught me by surprise. I asked him what he meant. He explained that he is an Amazon Prime member and uses all of their services.  It was during this conversation that I realized as a Prime Member, I was missing out on a very helpful tool!

Allow me to share this jewel with you! Prime Now is a service offered by Amazon that allows Prime Member to shop and receive their deliveries within a 2-hour time frame from when their order is placed! This comes in handy for Teachers and Moms!  You can purchase groceries or non-food items and after placing your order, you can select your delivery window.  As a shopper you can select a 2 hour delivery window that works best for your schedule. 

How it Works

Prime members simply log into their account using a computer, iPad, or smart phone. If using a smart phone, prime members need to download the app.


After logging in, select the city that you live in by providing your exact zip code.  Begin shopping and adding items to your cart. Once you finish shopping you simply check out.  During the check out process, Prime Now allows members to select a 2 hour delivery window on the same day the purchase is made.  

How Much Does it Cost?

Prime now is free to Amazon Prime members! That’s right! Prime members are offered a free 2 hour delivery window on their online shopping orders.

Can I Purchase Absolutely Anything?

There are only limited items on Prime Now at this time. Prime Now has over 25,000 items available for purchase.  So whether you are looking for grocery items, electronics, household supplies, and other items, Prime Now has got you covered.

What Delivery Times Are Offered?

Amazon Prime Now offers delivery times 7 days a week from early morning to late evening. 

My experience with ordering from Prime Now

When I order from Prime now it is very convenient. As an existing Prime Member, I downloaded the Prime Now app and used the same login credentials as my Prime account to log in. From there I add the zip code to where my groceries will be delivered and begin shopping.  By typing in the name of the food item I am searching for, a list is populated with grocery items to choose from.  It is very helpful, because Amazon will let you know whether or not item you are purchasing comes from Whole Foods or Amazon Prime Now. As you load your shopping cart, Prime Now adds up your balance owed. When you check out you can determine if you want your groceries left at your door step, or handed to someone at your residence. You then elect the amount of the tip you want to leave your delivery driver.  To finalize your purchase you add your method of payment, select your delivery address, and choose a 2 hour delivery window that works best for you. I absolutely love hearing the doorbell ring and coming to the door to find my groceries! How awesome! If you would like more information or answers to questions about Prime Now please message me!