Theater Wrap Dresser Makeover

I am so excited about my first ever dresser makeover. When my family and I moved to our home we put a dresser that friends gave us years prior in our garage. We didn’t know where to put it in our home, so until we decided its home was our garage.  Every day when I would pull my vehicle in and out of my garage, I would see the old dresser just sitting there.  At one point I thought I should just sell the old dresser on a local garage sale website.  I attempted to sell the dresser for $50 online and my efforts failed. 

One day I decided to jump on Pinterest and look up ideas for how to give my dresser a makeover.  I came across so many dresser makeover images on Pinterest and my mind started racing! Instantly I found my inspiration to give my dresser a makeover.  Even after getting inspired, I decided to spend a few days truly researching ways to tackle my project so that I did not make any mistakes. 

I decided to purchase Valspar Chalk Paint and follow their 3 step process to give my dresser a makeover.  I wanted my dresser to have an aged look with the modern twist of using wicker baskets at the bottom in place of the bottom drawer.  This was the best project EVER!

Supplies Used:

To start my project using a sanding sponge to sand off the dirt and orange tint to the dresser.  This is not needed in order to use the Valspar Chalk Paint. I only did this to prepare the top of the dresser to be stained. I wanted to achieve a darker staining color.  I was careful to sand in the direction of the woods grains.  

I removed all of the dust that piled up from sanding the dresser prior to applying the Miniwax Weathered Oak.  I applied 3 coats following the directions on the can. I had to allow the miniwax penetrating stain to sit for 15 minutes after applying it. Once the stain sat for 15 minutes I used a clean lint free cloth to wipe of the remaining stain that did not soak into the woods surface. I allowed it to dry and repeated the steps until I achieved the look I wanted. 

I removed all of the wooden handles off the dresser because I wanted to replace them with iron hardware. I picked out really cute start iron handles from LOWES. I used the  Step #1 Valspar Chalk Paint color: Theater Wrap to paint the dresser frame and drawer faces. I did a total to 2 coats of Chalk Paint.

After the chalk paint coats dried I was able to use the Step #2 Valspar Sealing Wax to seal the paint.  I wanted to make sure I gave the dresser an aged vintage look without distressing the paint. I decided to apply the Step#3 Vlaspar antiquing wax next.  I focused on the crevices and trip to highlight the dressers character. 

I had complete control over the wax.  The key to this process was applying the wax to small areas of the dresser and in a short time frame I used a clean lint free cloth to remove the wax that I did not want to permanently remain on the dresser.  When the Antiquing wax dried I could not believe my eyes! It turned out beautiful! 

I added the new iron handles to the dresser and it put the icing on the cake.  I decided to purchase wicker baskets from ROSS store. I was able to shop and find baskets that fit the exact measurement of the dresser I gave a makeover. The baskets worked perfectly!! 

Check out the finished project!! Super cute!!! I was worth it!