Why I Roku

From 2013 to 2015 my family has continued to grow literally 1 child almost every year. With this growth came an increase in living expenses.  I have continually looked for ways to adopt a “minimalist” mindset. For those of you who are not familiar with the term “minimalist” I will do an entirely new post on this very soon!  I decided to conduct an inventory of our household monthly expenses. Our goal was to organize our expenses into “needs” versus “wants.”  I quickly identified that I was paying almost $200 per month in home wireless internet and cable. My service provider continued to add special promotions to my account and hidden fees.  I found myself actively challenging fees on a monthly basis.

I decided to begin researching alternatives to cable. I came across the Roku Express.  I want to share how this system has transformed my monthly budget. I eliminated cable from our service  provider and opted to only have high-speed wireless internet.  This lowered my bill by $130 per month. After setting up high-speed wireless internet services the rest was history! I began to explore my Roku Express and found that there were endless possibilities.

Low Cost

The Roku express is less that $30. This is an extremely low-cost and there are no extra fees.

It was designed to enable high-speed streaming.

Simple Remote

The Roku Express comes with a simple remote that makes it easy for you to navigate from one application to the next.

Home Screen

Each Roku comes with a simple and intuitive “Home” screen.  All of the apps that you personally download to your device are listed there. The apps are categorized and you can effortlessly search for apps to meet your needs.


+500,000 Movies & TV Episodes

There are MORE than 500,000 Movies & TV Episodes available. I personally use Netflix, Hulu, PBS Kids, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. I have all of those apps installed on my Roku Express. It was easy to log into each of my apps and connect them to my Roku Express.

Free Mobile App

You can even download the FREE Roku mobile app and turn your personal cell phone into a remote. I love this feature, because having 3 children it is very easy to misplace the Roku Remote. With the app you can access a digital Roku remote that works directly with you Roku. You even have the option to privately listen to your programing through your cell phone using headphones. This makes life easy when you want to watch TV but the kiddos are asleep.

The Roku was rated Americas #1 choice for streaming players!

-Nielsen, April 2017 -based on hours streamed.

If you have any questions about the Roku Express, please leave a comment below!

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