Thumbtack perfect for Teachers and Moms

Hello Everyone!

So, I stumbled across an amazing tool and have already put it to use! And as always, when I find something amazing, I love to share it.  A few weeks ago my family was preparing to move. Moving can be challenging. My husband and I decided to hire lot of help to make our transition smooth. Although were only moving right around the corner, there was so much to be done. I used my normal search engine to search for help which happens to be Google. I was eager to find a legit residential/commercial cleaning company to help us clean.  Every time I “Googled” cleaners in my city and state, I couldn’t help but notice that Thumbtack kept popping up at the top of my search results.  I was curious and wanted to learn more. When I clicked on the Thumbtack link, I discovered a tool that would work perfectly for Teachers and Mom’s.  Let me explain. Thumbtack is a professional services company that caters to both the service professionals and those looking to hire service professionals.  For my fellow Mother’s out there who have “To-Do” lists a mile long, I have good news for you…you don’t have to be “super woman” 24/7… you can hire help! To the Teachers out there who are looking for ways to make extra income or “fun money” as I like to call it, this is a great opportunity for you.  


I immediately joined thumbtack for FREE. I used my email address and a password to establish my free account. Once I logged in, I was given the opportunity to create “projects.” Once a project is created, service professionals who are members of Thumbtack are able to see that you posted a new project and have the option of sending you a quote. Thumbtack allows you to receive a total of 5 quotes. What I like about that is you can compare rates, read reviews, and even communicate with the potential service professionals so that you can choose someone who is right for your project. Once you are ready to “seal the deal” you simply click the “hire” button and it is just that simple. Thumbtack has an app too that makes this process super simple and user friendly. 

The Thumbtack App and Logo

I ended up making a variety of projects. One project I created was wallpaper removal and painting. We had hideous apple wallpaper in our new place that was painful on the eye lol!  A professional submitted a quote very quickly.  I reviewed her profile, and even had the opportunity to contact a reference. I hired her and was super satisfied with the outcome. When it was all said and done, I ended up tipping her!

I’m sure you are probably wondering if Thumbtack has a website or Facebook. The answer is yes and yes lol! Here is more information about Thumbtack:

Facebook Page:

Teachers can develop a profile on the business professional side to highlight services they offer. The profile is free to set up. If you want to have the ability to send quotes, you pay a small fee that coverts into “credits.” Every time you respond to a project, Thumbtack will tell you how many credits it will cost for you to send your quote. Its amazing.  Tell me about your experience! Enjoy!