BathTub 101

Hello Friends!

I am so excited to be sharing with you! I found a new “trick” that is guaranteed to help you! Soap scum and dirt is tough to clean. A lot of times, soap scum and dirt build up in our bath tubs and showers.  I have tried different types of cleaners. In the past, I used the types of cleaners that require you to spray down your bathtub and shower immediately after bathing. (These types of cleaners “promise” to keep your bathtub and shower sparkling clean lol!) Of course I have used other common cleaners like bleach, comet, and a variety of bathtub cleaners. I finally found a universal cleaner that is very helpful. This cleaner is one that most people already have in their home. I know what your thinking… your probably thinking I will give you a recipe for a chemical disaster from mixing chemicals. Nope! 

shes teacher mom Dawn dishwashing liquidOne day I had the bright idea to try using regular dish washing liquid in my fight against soap scum and dirt. My thought process was most companies that create dish washing liquid advertise that their product fights tough grease, so why wouldn’t it work in a bathtub? In my home I typically use Dawn dish washing liquid. I decided to test out Dawn and see if it had the power to clear up the soap scum and dirt in my bathtub and shower. Please promise me that you will take a before picture and after picture if you try this! 🙂 

Here’s How I Did It:

Bathtub ShesteacherMom1.) Fill your bathtub with a small amount of the hottest water that you can. (Be careful not to burn yourself)

2.) Squeeze a generous amount of Dawn dish washing liquid into your bathtub. (Just like you would pour dish washing liquid in your kitchen sink to prepare to wash dishes)

3.) Use a scrub brush to break up the soap scum and dirt in your bath tub. 

4. ) Rinse out all remaining dish washing liquid from your bathtub. (Similar to how you rinse off your dishes after washing them).

This worked great for me! I was able to get my bathtub beautifully clean in a matter of minutes! To achieve a deeper clean, try allowing the water with dish washing liquid to soak in your bathtub for a long period of time (5-10 minutes) and periodically scrub the soap around your bathtub. Have fun! Let me know how this worked for you! Enjoy!@